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So it has been forever since I posted much of anything. Well I built another school and created another set of uniforms. You know how much I love those (well I create them enough). So this building actually takes up two lots because there was a lot I needed to do with it. But with some clever photo angles it can easily look like the same building.

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As I mentioned in my last post I was playing around in Veronaville and decided to create some buildings there. The first post I made was of the central school. This one will be about the Veronaville Main Theatre. I thought of it being more timeless than anything, with some modern and old fashioned touches. I also took bits of Ideas from a local theatre in my hometown.

 photo snapshot_dec55375_9ed51c8c_zps7a45ca11.jpg

Veronaville Main Theatre exterior.

Lots of pics )

So there you have it Veronaville Theatre. :)

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Hey everyone! Yes I am still alive, I've just been busy. I also haven't done much with the Azures lately. I'm sorry but the next chapter is just sitting there I have poked at it then quickly stop and switch on to another neighborhood. I have been playing around a bit in the premade neighborhoods. Veronaville was the first one I did. I haven't messed anything up too much yet. Just some babies were born, a couple birthdays, there was one wedding (no it wasn't Romeo and Juliette, they are still teens at the moment). And I moved in a couple families. I was going through each household checking interests, personalities, genetics, family ties and whatnot. (Mostly to record them on an excel so i don't have to keep checking SIMPE). When i decided that Veronaville needed a School (which also gave me an excuse to use more of my uniforms) and a performance Theatre (it does reference Shakespeare after all). So I did.

When it came to me thinking about Veronaville Central School, I imagined a large school that looked a bit creepy and had an old fashioned feel but still looked pretty. And , of course they have uniforms XD. You will see some Sims because I was testing the lot out, sorry about if plumbbobs.

 photo snapshot_7ec6c370_bec6c371_zps26b5efc9.jpg


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So that's the layout, to be honest I looked at several layouts for large schools online and adjusted them to fit on the biggest lot. I do like how it came out though :)
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Here are some Genderswapped versions of the single gender uniforms I had in Part 2

More Uniforms )

And that is all I have for everything I made. These Uniforms have a version without the logos as well. I will put up the files as soon as i get some last pictures. I hope you enjoyed them.
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Alright here is part 2 of my school uniform project. I have one Boarding School as well as four single gender schools for both Child and Teen.

More Uniform Pics )

What do you think? The Lenmana Island Boarding School (Grey), Nintuna Girls (Purple) and Leotie Girls (Pink-ish) all uses the base game uniform mesh so there is no need to worry about that. Although the Teen Boys uniforms for Delsin Boys and Hakan Boys use Rence's Teen Gakuran Mesh from MTS2 as a base, then from there I just copied the textures onto a child boys long sleeve shirt and pants for the child versions.

I will add the links for download as soon as I organize everything. These are recolors by me I would appreciate if I am credited for the recolors once the download links are up.

More to come :)
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Alright so I have a major obsession with school uniforms. One might think I'd be sick of them after having to wear them for 12 years, at first I was but my obsession with Japanese Dramas and Anime brought me back to them. So here are pictures (alot of them).

They use the base game uniform meshs so there is no need to worry about that.

I will add the links for download as soon as I organize everything. These are recolors by me I would appreciate if I am credited for the recolors.
The files below have both the logo and non-logo versions within them, if you just want a certain uniform.
If you only want the versions without the logos download the "WITHOUT LOGOS ONLY" file.
You can pick and choose which ones you want since they are all labelled.

Download Links:
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So yes I love building, now that I have my laptop working again I can get back into my simming. Now whenever I need a set for a scene in my stories I don't just make a lot and create the exact set I need, I create the WHOLE thing. So far I have built an Elementary School and a Nursery school. The Elementary school took me about 3 nights to work on, I tried to use minimal CC so it's easier for others. The thing is this set is BIG and may be a bit slow on some computers/games. Please credit me if you use this :)

 The Elementary School:


There is a top roof it's just not shown, it is red like the lower ones. The school is actually in two parts/two lots. This is the main lot, it includes:
Playground, Bicycle shed/racks, Classrooms, Teacher's room/Principal's office, Nurse's station, Cafeteria, Kitchen, Locker Room, Library, Computer room, Music Room, Art room, Science Lab, Bathrooms and Storage Rooms

Here is the Gymnasium Lot:


The gymnasium lot is smaller and includes:
The Gym/Auditorium, Locker rooms/bathrooms, The pool, a soccer field, an Alleyway (which could have a dumpster in it if anything), as well as storage rooms. There is also a balcony going around the gym leaving the middle open.

The gym "connects" to the Elementary school, it's placed to the right of the Elementary School main building.

School and Gym Pics )

CC Credits:

3 Chalky Chalkboards by astondb9 @MTS2 [CEP Needed]
Shiny Whiteboard Inc by Astondb9 @MTS2 [CEP needed]
"Old Style" Afterschool items for kids by -Maylin- @MTS2
Bicycle Rack Recolors by Gwenke33 MESH by FeeEssen (although it's included with the recolors)
Tall Wire Netting Fence and Gate by Sup@tramp @MTS2
One Tile Desks by HugeLunatic @MTS2
School Desk and Chair from Around the Sims 2
Billie Wallshelf Slotified by Leesester @MTS2
SS Music Brick Painted Red from
Uni Gym Locker Recolors by Lord Darcy @MTS2
Locker Room Benches by thefuzmixman @MTS2



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Welcome to the Sims page for my legacy Sims!
Forever Flowing: The Azure Legacy
This page will have the Sims from the main line as well as any other Sim who I felt was important to the story. If you have read my legacy and would like me to upload a Sim I don't have on here, feel free to request it in my comments. I have the sims information next to their pictures which should be enough if you are working them into another plot, if not that's ok but the information is there for your convenience.

A few notes:

-Please credit me/my story if you use a Sim in your game or within another story.
-Please do not upload my Sims elsewhere.
-Enjoy having my Sims in your game to do with as you wish.
-Ask me if you want a Sim that is not on the list. I will upload if I have a request for it.
-If you have any questions just ask!

Notes on Birthdays:
-You may notice that my Sims have "Birthdays", that is mostly for me who likes the realism even if the seasons don't always agree. This is also for those who like the idea of Sims having actual birth dates.
-Also in some cases, the birthdate doesn't match with the astrological sign given. This usually happens when I have a set of multiples with different astrological signs.  I will only use the first one born's astrological sign and use that to determine the birthday of the younger one(s). The birthdays that don't match the sign have asterisks by them.
-If not into this kind of thing, or you feel it is unimportant to your story or what you use them for, feel free to disregard the birthday. :D




GENERATION 3+suni,kitchi )

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After three weeks I finally have my computer back and working! I ended up doing a whole system recovery meaning my harddrive was wiped clean I was able to save my legacy characters, but I will have to rebuild the neighborhood.

Forever Flowing: The Azure Legacy

But with my game back and somewhat loaded back onto my computer, save for a few expansions that will be loaded later, I decided to play around with creating CC clothing. I was working with SimBodyshop as well as a mix of Paint and Gimp. I wanted to create more school uniforms for kids and teens because of an idea I came up having to do with schools, and I love having my simKids and simTeens wearing uniforms. I just have the pictures up but if you like them enough I can upload them for you. Just tell me which one / ones you want. :)

Anyways enough rambling, here are some pictures. Please keep in mind that I am really new at this, as well as the fact that I'm only doing recolors and using the meshes that came with the game. Because I don't know a thing about meshing anyway. So, if you see a mistake and know how I can fix it. Personally, I am happy how they turned out.

High Schoolers )

Middle Schoolers )

Elementary Schoolers )

So tell me what You think. I can upload them if you want I can also make versions with and without the ties and logos. :)


Oct. 6th, 2011 01:54 am
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Soooo my Sims game crashed on me last night.....

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I built another house! It was actually from a floor plan that I adjusted to fit the family I wanted to live in it. I would love to share it as well with others because I am really proud with how it came out. You can use this cute house in your game. Don't upload to another site and give me some credit, Please!

1 Story
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Covered Front Porch
Laundry Room




CC List:

"Relaxing Green with Wood Crown Molding and Baseboard"
by Danikat @ MTS2 (Behr paint green collection)
"Plainwall 9" by Himawara106 @ MTS2
"Tea Anyone? Pale Pink Paint with Crown and Kick Molding" By G-Knee @ MTS2
"LG Washer and Dryer" By Fresh-Prince @ MTS2
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If you decide to use my mod please give me credit and don't steal!

Do you get tired of the same green skinned black eyed Aliens?
Do you wish for more of a variety of aliens running around in your neighborhood?
Do you amuse yourself just getting your male sims continually pregnant?

Then you have come to the right place! I have just the hack for you, this MultiPT hack has not four but EIGHT different Aliens that your sims can get pregnant with. Yes you saw that right:


Thanks to Simgaroop's Tutorial, as well as the lovely Widget Who's PT's I have been given permission to use along with my own, as well as Almighty Hat at GOS who's Stolen by Fairies 8 PT mod.

You want pics well here are some for you!

PT Pics )

Even more credits )
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Another house for you! You can use it in your stories if need be as long as you remember to credit me for creating it. Don't upload to the exchange or any sites at all (especially not pay sites).

This does use some CC and I'm not sure if it saved in the file so here are the links:

Retro Dragonfly Wall and Floor Set @MTS2 by iCad
Stucco Wall Set with Matching Wooden Floor - 16 walls @ MTS2 by himawara106
Chameleon Tiles @MTS2 by Immortality



Partially Furnished
2 Bath, 3-5 Bed, 2 story, Garage

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So The other day I decided to revamp the High school I used in my legacy. I'm very proud of how nice it turned out to be :). Took me days to revamp but it's done and I would like to share my work, you can use it in your stories if need be as long as you remember to credit me for creating it. Don't upload to the exchange or any sites at all (especially not pay sites). 

This does use some CC and I'm not sure if it saved in the file so here are the links:

Locker Room Benches @ Modthesims2 by thefuzmixman
3 Chalky Chalkboards @ Modthesims2 by Astondb9
Shiny Whiteboards Inc. @modthesims2 by Astondb9
Chalkboards For Your Classroom @Modthesims2 by karialSim

The Chalkboards are recolors of "Two Dogs and An Olive" You will need:

CEP by Numenor @Modthesims2 for them to show up.


DOWNLOAD High School
School Pics )

Hello All!

Feb. 21st, 2011 01:18 pm
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I have created my own Dreamwidth account for my sims creations. I actually create alot of things Sims, clothing, lots, and there's a PT hack in there somewhere too. I just would like to share it with others. I have seen fellow Simmers do the same thing and thought it was a good Idea. So Hi all I am ShadowGem. I also go by Geminiasp or Shadowgirl on Sims sites.


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